More than 60 years of how-how and permanent innovation make us the right partner concerning surface refinement.


We can handle workpieces made of Aluminium, Magnesium or Titan. Together with you we define your requirements to ensure to meet your needs perfectly.


Our range of services:


Anodising for protection

Anodising with accuracy

Anodising of structural facings

Anodising according to british standards

Coloured anodising - Color

Coloured anodising - Sandalor

Coloured anodising - Spectrocolor

Coloured anodising - HB-Color


Anodised screenprint

Pickling passivation of Aluminium

Chromating of Aluminium

Mechanical preparations of Aluminium

Chemical preparations of Aluminium

Anodising of Titan

Pickling passivation of Magnesium


We gladly offer as additional service:

blank for structural facings

pick-up service and delivery within Austria

company-internal trainings for our customers

in the field of surface refinements of light metal

extensive consulting before we start the refinement process

colour patterns if required


In order to meet your needs perfectly, we need some information even for place our offer to you:

Questions we have for structural facings / metal construction

Title of the project

Amound of the profiles and metal sheets that are to be anodised

Marking of the visible side and of the spots where we can attach our contacts

Which quality standards are to be met? (Qualanod, Iso, British Standard,...)

Colouring system: organic / color / Sandalor / HB-Color

Required delivery time

Certificates that we should provide


Precision items of Aluminium for aviation, automobile and optical industry

Amound of the items that are to be anodised

design drawings with the information of possible spots where we can attach our contacts and the desired colour

Definition of the composition and the required lamination strength

Which standards do you need us to meet? (aviation, automobile industry,...)

Required delivery time

Certificates that we should provide


We are looking forward to your inquiry and are ready to provide even solutions for special requirements or with regard to tight deadlines!

A. Heuberger Eloxieranstalt GmbH

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Fax: 0043 (0)316 /27 16 54-4


internal sales:

Barbara Vucak



Claudia Krainz


business leader:

Josef Mair


management assistant

Structural facing


Eloxation in different colours

Coloured anodisation for well-known enterprises